Wholesale Value Added

Paul's Poultry supplies a great range of value added products, from Chicken Kiev's and Chicken Nuggets to Sausages.

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chicken kievChicken Cordon BleuCrumbed Schnitzelchicken croquettesChicken Schnitzel
Chicken Garlic Kiev with or without boneChicken Cordon BleuCrumbed Wiener/ Beef SchnitzelCrumbed Chicken CroquettesCrumbed Chicken Schnitzel - breast or thigh - various sizes
chicken garlic ballschicken munchieschicken breast cracklechicken tenderbitschicken tenderbites

Chicken Garlic Balls
2kg bag

Ingham Munchies
1kg bag
Baiada Chicken Breast Crackle
1kg bag
Baiada Southern Style Chicken Tenderbites
1kg bag
Baiada Salt 'N' Vinegar Chicken Tenderbites 1kg bag
chicken tenderbiteschicken breast goujonschicken nuggetssweet chilli tenderschicken strips
Baiada Lemon Flavoured Chicken Tenderbites 1kg bagBaiada Chicken Breast Goujons
1kg bag
Chickadee Retail Chicken Nuggets
1kg Bag
Chickadee Sweet Chilli Tenders
1kg bag
Ingham Country Crisp Chicken Strips
1kg bag
tempura chicken breast nuggetsbreast filletchicken wedgesdevil filletssausages
Baiada Tempura Chicken Breast Nuggets 1kg bagIngham Flame Grilled Breast Fillet
1kg bag
Baiada Chicken Wedges
1kg bag
Ingham Devil Fillets
1kg bag
Pork Sausages
sausagessausageshamburgerrissoleschicken dim sims
Beef Sausages - Beef or Beef, Cheese & Chive or Tomato & Onion Chicken Sausages - chicken or chicken & chive or herb & garlic or malay satayRissolesLamb Koftas
Hakka Chicken Dim Sims