Wholesale Lamb

Paul's Poultry supply a great range of wholesale lamb cuts and products to the wholesale sector.

We supply a full range of high quality wholesale lamb products, including all popular cuts, rack of lamb, cutlets and roasts. Click here for a full wholesale lamb product list.

Lamb ChopsLamb ChopsChum Chopslamb
Lamb Chump ChopsLamb BBQ ChopsLamb Loin ChopsLamb Hind Quarter Shank
Fetta & Spinach Rolled Loin of Lamb
Lamb Cutlets lamb racklambLeg of Lamb
Lamb Cutlets
Seasoned Lamb Chop (Valentines)Rack of LambBoned and Rolled Lamb LegLeg of Lamb
lamb rib   
Marinated Lamb
Lamb Rib (Marinated)   


Lamb Cuts

Lamb Cuts

  Lamb Cuts images used with the kind permission of MLA Meat & Livestock Australia.

Contact Pauls Poultry for all your quality wholesale lamb products

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