Pauls Poultry Wholesale Beef

Paul's Poultry supply a full range of wholesale beef cuts and products to the wholesale sector.

We supply a full range of high quality wholesale beef products, in all popular cuts. Click here for a full wholesale beef product list.

Rump Steak
Rump SteakMarinated Roast Beef - various flavoursRib EyeTop Side RoastFresh Silverside
Porterhouse Steak
Full Chuck / Stewing SteakPorterhouse SteakFull PorterhouseFull Eye FilletFull T-Bone
T-BoneMince Meat
T-BoneBBQ Steaks - plain or marinatedMince MeatRound Steak (Knuckle)Full Blade
steakbolar bladegirello roast 
Stir Fry Beef StripsScotch Fillet
Bolar Blade Roast
Beef Girello (Fresh Eye Silverside) 


Beef Cuts

Beef Cuts

 Beef Cut images used with the kind permission of MLA Meat &Livestock Australia.

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